The Erroneous Thoughts that People Have about Vaping

The Erroneous Thoughts that People Have about Vaping

In a world now where society is frowning upon smoking, particularly in public places, many people have turned to e-cigarettes, also called vaping. In fact, over 2.5 million people in the United States use e-cigarettes. The numbers are increasing, but meanwhile, a lot of people have very negative opinions about vaping. They don’t know enough about the practice. The main wrong thought about vaping is that it is exactly like smoking a regular cigarette, with the tar, nicotine and all the harmful carcinogens. Here are some other erroneous thoughts that people have about e-cigarettes or vaping.

The first thing that people get wrong is assuming what is actually used for vaping. When they think of an e-cigarette, they think of the electronic cigarettes that look like regular cigarettes and come with pre-filled cartridges. These are found at gas stations, but they are not truly what are used in vaping. The people who use vapes are generally those who quit smoking in search of a healthier alternative. Found in vape shops, they contain electronics which gives the user the opportunity to control the power level of the vape pen or vaporizer.

People who are concerned about vaping think that the devices are full of nicotine. The fact is, there is nicotine in the mixing of the ingredients, but it is very little. What is in there is of pharmaceutical quality. It is not harmful to users. The vapor in the vaporizer should not be confused with cigarette smoke. Thus, there is no danger of the public getting what is called “second-hand smoke.” It should also be recognized that vaping has helped smokers quit smoking. This will help to save lives, of course.

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