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Picking an Electrician To In Your Construction Project

When constructing a building for both residential and commercial purposes, you must always be in contact with your electrician. For any building to be built properly, an electrician must be engaged in the planning process. If you have a residential or commercial project, what type of electrician should you hire? What are the key differentiating factors between a commercial and residential electrician.

Four differences between commercial and residential electrical needs

In the initial face of construction of a home, it is important that you have in mind the type of project it is. It is without saying, that the main difference between a commercial and residential building is the amount of power needed.In a commercial building, there is more need for power and the electrician must ensure that the wiring in the building is strong to accommodate the power flowing in the building.

The wiring in the two types of buildings is very different. Wiring in a residential building is enclosed and very thin when compared to commercial buildings. Unlike residential buildings, the commercial building’s wiring has to be regularly maintained and therefore, they have to be installed in an open setting.

The number of power phases is also a distinguishing factor between the two types of buildings. Commercial buildings require a lot of power. In this case, residential houses require one phase while a commercial house requires more than one.

In residential homes, the wiring is installed behind walls. However, in a commercial building, this wiring is done in an open place because they will need to be regularly maintained.

Factors to Consider When Hiring an Electrician

There is a major difference between a commercial and residential electrician. Therefore, ensure that you pick an electrician that has specialized in the type of electrical works that you need. If you want to build a commercial building, find an electrician that has specialized in commercial electrical works.

Select an electrician that has worked on projects that are similar to yours. The completion of any construction project is dependent on the cooperation of every party involved; consequently, you should find an electrician who will handle their job within the given time frame to prevent delays on the projects. If you hire someone that is not reliable, they may delay your construction which will be very costly. It should be your primary goal to find a competent electrician because electricity is very sensitive and hiring an incompetent person can be very risky in the long run or expensive in both the short and long term.

The article highlights the difference between commercial and residential electrical works. You will also find, the qualities that you should look for when hiring either a commercial, or a residential electrician when you have a project.

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