Assessing Factors That Affect Breast Augmentation Surgery Results

Assessing Factors That Affect Breast Augmentation Surgery Results

In Florida, a multitude of factors can affect the lasting results of a breast augmentation surgery. In most cases, these factors don’t present themselves until years later. However, the choices of the patient can have a lasting impact on how well their breast implants appear. The following is an assessment of factors that affect breast augmentation surgery results.

How the Aging Process Affects Breast Implants

The aging process presents three common factors that can affect breast implants. The reduction of collagen can present a loss in skin elasticity. This factor and gravity can cause the breasts to sag. Changes in the breast tissue and muscles can also change the shape and size of the breasts. More mature women may need to undergo a breast lift to combat these factors.

Managing Weight Gain and Sudden Losses

Among the advice provided by a cosmetic surgeon is the need to follow a diet and exercise plan. By continuing these practices, the patient can stabilize their weight. If they don’t follow these requirements, they can gain or lose weight. The change in weight can alter the results of a breast augmentation surgery. This can lead to sagging of the breasts or the shrinking of the breast tissue.

The Effects of Childbirth

Childbirth and pregnancy can have a drastic effect on breast augmentation results. During pregnancy, women are more likely to gain a significant amount of weight. After the pregnancy, their breasts will swell even if they have chosen not to breastfeed. These weight changes can damage the breasts. If the woman chooses to breastfeed, the damage is maximized. The effects of childbirth and pregnancy may also require contouring in addition to a breast lift and further augmentation surgeries.

How Menopause Affects the Results of the Procedure

Menopause can lead to hormonal imbalances. This can lead to weight gain and loss. It can also lower the production of collagen and have an immediate impact on skin elasticity. While some symptoms are treated through hormone replacement therapy, it doesn’t correct the effects on the breast.

In Florida, a multitude of factors and life events can alter the lasting results of breast augmentation. For this reason, women must plan ahead and lower common risks. This plan may lead to further surgeries to lift or contour the breasts. Women who want to read more about factors that affect these surgeries can learn more today here.

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