9 Lessons Learned: Tips

9 Lessons Learned: Tips

Home Maintenance Simplified

The duties that entail household maintenance can be quite boring and repetitive. As much as they are necessary, nobody looks forward to doing them. These Duties are the most mundane. The The consequence is creation of emergency due to neglect. Another the approach is to do them monthly, thereby spreading them out. When you give each month specific duties, they become more palatable. This systematic approach may not solve all the problems at once but is a guaranteed way of getting it all done.

January sees most of us spending all our time indoors. Since you will mostly be indoors, you can focus on dusting and vacuuming the whole house. All that time should be enough to do a thorough job all over the house.

February has a bit better outdoor experience. You can clear your yard of most of the junk that accumulated over winter. Remember to stay warm. In March Spring is alive and well. This gives you an opportunity to focus on your garden. You can tend to it by preparing the beds and planting the flower you wish to see blossomed by Summer. Summer flowers are so many you will find ones that suit you.
Rains normally fall in April. Attend to the roof, so that no leaks affect your house. You can also confirm if your insulation was not damaged during winter. If need be, have it repaired.

The The month of May calls for an inspection of your air conditioning unit in readiness for Summer. Do this now, so that your Summer will be bearable. June normally is warm.There is a lot of warm weather in June. This is the best time to check on the masonry of your home. Any gaps or holes should be appropriately covered up.

Summer in July brings with it a lot of pests. The most likely places you will find the will be at your supplies stores, where you will need to eradicate them. As the next season will be Winter, you should attend to your garden in August and weatherproof the plants there. You will need to pay closer attention to the weather-sensitive plants.

When leaves start to fall in September; they must be collected from our yard. Make sure they are disposed of properly. In October, you will need to call in the maintenance guys to check your heating system’s functioning. The radiators are a critical area for the inspection. Since you can’t hang your clothes outside, November is the month for checking the lint trap of your dryer. This is to ensure it is not a fire hazard.

December comes with it a demand for adequate electrical wiring and up to date inspection. The holiday season is normally not complete without the lights decorating your house, so this is an important step. A task a month gets the whole maintenance duty completed.

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